Health Spa Water Leaks – Solve Your Problems Now.

Health Spa Water Leaks – Solve Your Problems Now.

Health Spa Water Leaks – What to Expect

One of our most popular sought after pastime activities, either alone or with company, is that of the Health Spa. Life in today’s world is far more stressful and hectic than ever before and when we get that bit of downtime most of us think about swimming pools, massages and saunas……..that pamper day which makes us feel alive again, making the most of that day off!

The Health Spa has therefore become a global phenomenon, present in all towns and cities however; water issues can cause problems for spas, affecting the quality of the services they offer.

Water is a crucial requirement for a Health Spa; without it there is no swimming pool, sauna or Jacuzzi, nor the tranquil environment of water features, fountains and beauty therapies. Therefore, in order to offer the best possible service, this major business resource needs to be properly looked after and a high quality approach needs to be taken to the maintenance of the Spa and its facilities.

With the amount of amenities that many Spas offer, there is the potential for largescale water issues, particularly in the following situations:

1. A leaking swimming pool;

2. Water leaks in showers and bathrooms (especially in older buildings) low pressure showers, leaking taps and poor toilet facilities;

3. Fountains and water features can be eye catching but not pleasant if they leak, not only wasting water but causing a potential slipping hazard in foyers and walkways.

4. Ablution rooms are a cultural norm and their use is an important ritual in the Muslim religion, so damp, stale smelling surroundings would be off-putting.

Any water leak will cause problems whether it is present for a few days or a few months; the result will be the cost of the rectification. If a leak can be swiftly detected and remedied the cost will be minimal but if the problem has been occurring for many months or years, the remedy cost could be extensive. Leaking water equals wasted water leading to higher water bills with the ultimate result of reducing profits.

As well as the cost, long standing water leaks and damp can cause damage to the structure of the building as well as to the aesthetics. Damp results not only in stale smells which are unpleasant for all and which are difficult to remove, even with air purification and aromatic devices, but also the potential for mould, a serious health concern for staff if exposure is long term.

Given that water is so important to the success of a Health Spa, owners should be considering how they can cost-effectively monitor the spa’s water system, removing all problems swiftly and efficiently. By using new innovative equipment featuring infrared and thermal imaging technology, leaking water can be identified quickly and its exact location pinpointed. In addition, a sensory system can be installed into the water system to allow for constant monitoring and being alerted to any areas of damp or accumulated water.

A small investment now can save huge rectification costs later and with the ability to have proactive yearly inspections, together with the installation of a sensor system, you can be confident that your water facility is in safe hands and you can concentrate on keeping those customers happy and relaxed.

For information on how we can help if you suspect a leak, consult LeakDTech’s professionals now!

Managing Leaks in a Commercial Pool

Managing Leaks in a Commercial Pool

Managing Leaks In A Commercial Pool Environment

In Dubai’s summer months, temperatures can soar to in excess of 50°c, so as well as the need for air conditioning systems, another cool down option is to have a quick dip.  Most Dubai hotels now have swimming pools to assist with their guest’s enjoyment and comfort during their stay.

Hotels have ground level swimming pools, as would be standard, but are also famous for their rooftop bars and swimming pools, not only to complement the hotels’ ostentatious and grandiose designs, but to allow a chance for guests to take in the breathless views of Dubai city and the amazing coastline.

However, a risk that has to be catered for as with all water resources is a leak, which can cause costly damage along with associated losses during the repair process.  If a pool were to leak at ground level, the damage would be confined to that area, but if a water leak were to occur in a rooftop pool facility, the damage to the floors and rooms below, along with the expense could be immeasurable.

A related risk with managing pool facilities is not just leaking water pipes.  Swimming pools are usually kept clean with chlorine, a poisonous chemical and, while small amounts are used for water cleanliness, if a leak were to occur from any source of chlorine this could cause serious harm to pool users.

Pools are built to be waterproof, but sealants can deteriorate, or the pool can slightly move with the surrounding ground changes causing leaks in pipes or cracks to the pool’s exterior.  Indicators of leaks would be wet patches of ground in the pool’s vicinity and the need to replenish the water levels more often. With a chlorine leak there would be a potent smell and people may complain of irritation to their skin or eyes.

But, the problem is that with all of the pipework and pool casing being buried deep in the ground or within the floor structure of the rooftop area, finding any leak is an almost impossible task without digging it all out.

Thankfully, there are now ways in which leaks can be accurately located either within the structure itself or the surrounding pipework by using a new innovative technology.  Combining the use of damp-testing, ground penetrating radars and thermal imaging, problems can be resolved swiftly and cost-effectively, ensuring your swimming pool stays safe and provides an enjoyable experience to cool down on those hot summer days!

For information on how we can help if you suspect a leak, consult LeakDTech’s professionals now!