Garden and Pool Leak Detection

Residential Garden Leaks

Garden based water leaks such as pool leaks, irrigation system leaks and garden tap leaks experienced in most stand-alone residential homes are usually the main reason for increased water bills, rather than damage from water leaks within the building itself. This is normally as a result of bad maintenance or dilapidation. LeakDtech’s professional garden and pool leak detection services can be quickly locate any hidden leaks in your garden and pool, while saving you money on your water bills.

Common Garden Leaks

Residential garden water leaks can include the following:

  • Swimming pool leaks include light fittings, nozzle lines, vacuum lines, drain lines, balance tanks or cracked grouting and tiles;
  • Jacuzzi water leaks include jet lines, nozzle lines, drain lines, light fittings, cracked grouting and tiles;
  • Water feature leaks normally result from broken or cracked concrete, however, vacuum lines and lights can also cause water leaks;
  • Fish pond leaks can include broken concrete or grouting, however, supply and return lines also cause water leakage;
  • Irrigation watering systems often leak at joints or junctions, leaking large volumes of water into the ground without any visible signs;
  • Water tanks leak into the ground through broken valves, joints or split seams;
  • Garden tap leaks are often not visible when the underground supply pipes have been broken and are connected to the main utility supply line;
  • Utility water supplies leaking into any property, dependent upon which country you are in, can be auto filled to a holding tank;
  • Booster pump leaks can occur when gate valves or junctions around the pump become worn or start to leak.


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