residential leak detection

Exterior Building

Including roofs, walls,
windows, doors


pool leak detection

Leaks in the
garden areas

Swimming pools, jacuzzi’s,
irrigation and water tanks


plumbing leak detection

Interior plumbing

Including, drains, bathrooms,
kitchens, AC or water heaters.


Residential Leak Detection and Inspection

Residential leaks can lead to a direct reduction in building asset value, as well as an increase in utility bills if left unchecked. Today’s homes fall into two main categories of apartments, where services are shared within a building, and stand-alone residential homes, where electricity, drainage, and water supplies are provided directly from the local utility supplier. Residential leak detection and inspection avoid the decrease of property value and maintenance costs, in case of unseen leaks in the residential property.

With many different uses of water within the stand-alone home compared to many years ago – including water features, air conditioning systems, pools and jacuzzis, to name a few – home owners are more likely to experience more water based problems due to the increased usage of water with these facilities; whereas in contrast, apartments more commonly experience issues with damp or mold due to leaking domestic water supplies or drainage pipe lines. In both cases, residential property owners or tenants regularly contact LeakDtech for assistance when their plumbers cannot find the source of a water leak.

Within the Residential Sector, LeakDtech usually assist customers with four main types of water problems including the following:

  • Exterior building leaks – including doors, windows, or roofs;
  • In the garden – where customers usually have their water features, fish ponds, swimming pools, jacuzzis and possibly even water tanks.
  • The internal structure – customers often have problems with drainage or domestic water pipes, chilled water lines or even air conditioning systems commonly used in warmer climates.
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Whatever the situation, if there is a water problem, LeakDtech can assist, with common indicative factors of a leak being increased water bills or a visual problem, such as mold or damp. Utilizing its specialist experience and technology, customised for the residential house market, LeakDtech ensures property value is maintained with both home owners and tenants benefiting from locating water leak problems swiftly and economically, and being repaired – more cost effective than through standard maintenance procedures.

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