Dubai’s Premier Leak Detection Service

LeakDtech Dubai, a water leak detection company, has significant experience in all things to do with water leaks and water damage. This combination of skills, together with a large dose of persistence and a commitment to delivering the best customer service, ensures that we find the leaks others in Dubai fail to do.

Premier Water Leak Detection Company in Dubai

LeakDtech, a water leak detection company, is a group of engineers who have found that both private and commercial property owners or tenants alike, are not having their properties built or maintained to high enough standards that cause our customers to suffer with: a) constant water leaks, b) high bills or c) general bad workmanship – these are the three main reasons people why mostly engage our water leak services.

We don’t need to dig up your flooring or garden in order to locate your leak, as our leak detection specialists use the most accurate leak detection technology to pinpoint the source of your leak. Because LeakDtech Dubai uses non-invasive leak detection methods, our services work out to be extremely cost effective,

as hours of labour are saved in the leak detection process. Invasive methods of leak detection require the lifting of flooring, and the digging up of the ground along the path under which the leaking pipe is thought to run. This is obviously a time consuming and costly process. LeakDtech, as a reliable Dubai water leak detection company, does exactly what it says. We specialise, 100%, in finding and

fixing all plumbing leaks, using hi-tech equipment. Our ongoing investment into the latest equipment and training enable us to find leaks in the most difficult locations, non-invasively and without any damage to your property. So, while the initial cost of our service may seem high at first, it is far cheaper and less destructive than traditional techniques.

3 Steps to Peace of Mind

Based on our recognised and individual approach, LeakDtech Dubai offers its customers the Leak Found, Leak Fixed, and Leak Solved approach to ensuring all problems are found and fixed the first time.

Step 01

Leak Found

We find the leak for our customers, being on site within 4 hours for emergency calls.

Step 02

Leak Fixed

When leaks are located we either instigate repair, if possible, or provide a full report for your maintenance teams.

Step 03

Leak Solved

We re-inspect our customer’s problems to provide a guarantee that the problem is fixed.

What We Do.

LeakDtech Dubai arrive upon request and deliver a quality inspection of either just the problem the customer has identified, or we can assist with the whole property whereby we conduct an in-depth investigation and highlight improvements that could be made.

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