Landscape Leaks

Commercial Property Landscape Leaks

Landscape leaks in the grounds of commercial buildings are normally superficial and focus on the aesthetics of the building, not necessarily essential for business operations. However, as new standards are released both locally and internationally, such as LEED, building landscapes must begin to put in place procedures and systems to save energy – such as grey water recycling plants and surrounding greenery including trees, to limit thermal transfer through a building’s roof or windows.  As such, with landscaping becoming more critical, so does the risk that water leaks might occur.

The Cost of Commercial Property Landscape Leaks

For this reason, most commercial buildings, for example many hotels, schools or mixed usage community blocks now incorporate swimming pools and jacuzzis in their facilities, whilst public parks, farms, hospitals and malls may now require larger amounts of irrigation based on the new legislation. Even with new initiatives such as ground source heat pumps, or grey water recycling, when water leaks occur utility supplies will always be used to meet usage needs – that is when the cost of water leaks will result in customers investigating and repairing any possible water leaks which is more than likely going to be seen in an increased water bill at the end of the month.

Common Commercial Property Landscape Leaks

Common commercial property landscape leaks include:

  • Swimming pool leaks are most commonly found within over flows or auto top-up systems, closely followed by the nozzle lines, drain lines or skimmers;
  • Jacuzzi water leaks are normally around fittings, jets or vacuum lines;
  • Water tank leaks can occur due to structural cracking, split seams or loose pipe fittings;
  • Irrigation water leaks can be found in the main supply lines, leaking actuator valves or through broken underground joints;

Potable water leaks into any building can suffer subsidence where pipes bend and break over time or stones crack seams. Booster pump lines can also sometimes be troublesome.

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