Fix a Leak Week 2020

16th-20th of March is National Fix A Leak Week but as that fell in the midst of the global outbreak we all had other unprecedented situations to...
fix a leak week

How Water Leaks Can Damage Your Mall?

With everything from shops and offices, entertainment venues and places to eat and drink, a mall can contain a whole host of businesses along with...
mall water leak

World Water Day 2020

World Water Day is an annual event, celebrated globally, occurring on the 22nd of March. Created by the United Nations, in association with various...
world water day 2018

Supermarket Leaks – Effects on Cold Produce

Supermarkets are superheroes and just like Clark Kent, they are hidden in plain sight and are often called upon in emergency situations. As well as...
supermarket water leaks

Leaking Manholes

Manhole covers are such an everyday sight to us that we can almost cease to see them entirely. Their commonplace appearance makes them no less...
leaking manholes

School Water leaks – A Case Study

School Water Leaks - A Case Study Last year, we at LeakDTech were approached by an educational facility whose water bill had escalated by a factor...
school water leaks

Causes of Water Leaks in Hotel Kitchens

In the booming hotel industry, a primary facility for a hotel is to provide a good, tasty, restaurant for use by its residents.  Behind every...
hotel kitchen water leak

Do I Have a Water Leak?

Water leaks are a common occurrence and can be anything from a minor nuisance to a complete catastrophe. Whether it is a home, business premises, or...
water leak

School Playing Fields and Irrigation

How many leaks do you have? Playing fields are common place in many schools, especially larger secondary schools and colleges, and are used for all...
school playing field and irrigation leaks

Are My District Cooling Lines Leaking?

We are all looking for ways to reduce costs within our businesses in order to maximise profits. A large part of annual business expenses are taken...
district cooling lines leaking

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