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Industrial water leaks can have a huge impact on a company’s manufacturing and production processes, as well as creating a threat to the surrounding buildings, neighbouring organisations, the local town and wider region, if left unaddressed. The costs incurred as a result of water damage and the associated secondary costs can stack up quickly, usually due to the large amount of water involved – however, fortunately, LeakDtech’s experience in industrial leak detection can assist.

Within the industrial sector, LeakDtech’s industrial leak detection specialists assist customers with fire-lines, district cooling and utility water lines, all of which normally span some several hundred meters, sometimes up to tens of kilometers. With many of these lines normally being located underground, water distribution lines, in particular, require constant inspection and monitoring to ensure the negative effects of water leaks are minimized.

Fire-lines normally include a mixture of both hydrants, fire reels and sometimes pre-installed fire-fighting equipment. Continual availability of these facilities is essential and the effect of a water leak can result in lower water pressures, potentially resulting in fire-fighting systems and equipment failing to operate at the required time.

District cooling lines exist in hotter climates and require a constant flow of chilled water to ensure efficient chilling within buildings located throughout these countries. During operation, any water leak can have a devastating effect on heat exchangers, where either air pockets or just reduced volumes prevent the expected amount of chilled water from moving around the building. As a result, heat increases, putting extra pressure on these cooling systems and, in some circumstances, can prevent cooling altogether.

Lastly, utility water lines carry drinking water around entire countries, in some cases from a central source and, if these sources pass through underground pipes that contain joint cracks, seam weld failures or valve leakages, water could become unavailable to entire communities as a result of serious water leakage.

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