Utility Water Distribution Lines

Utility Water Distribution Line Leaks

Where water is supplied to large manufacturing plants, whether by means of a portable supply from a local water utility supplier through 1.6 meter GRP or via a downstream mains GI water pipeline, the water leaks experienced in such large diameter pipes are normally buried deep underground. This could result in potential costly and time-consuming investigations to locate the problem and carry out repairs. Therefore, to resolve this specific kind of issues in time and cost saving manner, LeakDtech provides a customized solution – leak detection for water distribution networks.

Find Industrial Water Leaks Quickly

With the application of the latest technology, professionally utilized and supplied by LeakDtech’s experienced team, potable utility water leaks can be swiftly located in various situations including large metal plants, cement factories, recycling plants or large single tenant warehouses.

High Industrial Water Costs

Water leaks can cost a business thousands of dollars and result in significant secondary costs – a problem any company wants to avoid in today’s economic climate. As proven in business practices of our customers, leak detection for water distribution lines can be a preemptive decision that can allow a business never face such costs.

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