District Cooling Chilled Water Lines

Industrial Water Leak Wastage

Industrial manufacturing plants often have large cooling requirements for processing equipment and buildings can be supplied from either chiller lines, or have district cooling supplied through chilled water pipelines.These pipes can be prone to water leaks, especially those installed many years ago and over time, the underground lines that are exposed to subsidence and ground changes, can lead to cracked joints or seams. These pipelines can range in size from 4” to 16” or even larger, so the potential amount of chilled water losses could lead to huge amounts of water soaking away into the ground, showing no visible signs of water problems at the surface. To avoid water loss, save time and minimize potential maintenance costs, district cooling leak detection might be a necessary solution.

District Cooling Underground Inspections

To assist with this problem, LeakDtech has introduced its underground inspection services, which combine various differing technologies to identify not only the area of a potential leak deep underground, but to pinpoint the exact location to a customer to allow excavation works to quickly rectify the problem and start reducing water loss and the associated financial losses.

Quick Chilled Water Line Leak Resolution

In most cases, leaks haves more commonly been found to be cracks rather than joint problems, however, whatever the pipeline material, our district cooling leak detection specialists can swiftly locate and identify leaks with efficiency and precision so that manufacturing can return to normal.


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