building leak detection

Commercial water leak detection

Building Civil/MEP

This includes facade, roofs, doors
& windows, expansion joints &
walls & all MEP.


underground water leak detection

Commercial water leak detection


Underground leakage - includes
tanks, parking, pipes, potable lines,
fire lines & district cooling.


landscape leaks

Commercial water leak detection

Landscape areas

Exterior to building - we include
pools, jacuzzis, irrigation lines,
planters & water features pipes.


Commercial Leak Detection and Inspection Services

Despite the fact that commercial water leaks are considered not to have such a huge negative effect on business operations, leaks within buildings can still have a negative financial impact, if left unaddressed. To avoid such impact, commercial leak detection can be a preemptive solution.

In the case of all leaks, whether from drainage lines, domestic water pipes, fire-lines or within a building’s mechanical, engineering or production system (MEP); in surrounding landscapes – including swimming pools, jacuzzis and irrigation systems; and with underground leaks including underground tanks and carparks – damage, loss and the associated costs are inevitable.

These leak examples can be found in all types of businesses and organisations such as spas, hospitals, malls, schools, hotels, commercial kitchens and restaurants – any leak they experience will need to be swiftly located and repaired, essential in saving costs and maximizing profits.

By utilising the latest technology, LeakDtech provides commercial leak detection and inspection services. LeakDtech is capable of assisting any customer with any leak at any time and, with the added benefit of operating outside of business working hours and being available any time of the day or night, they will do their upmost to identify and locate all leaks wherever possible, even if incremental inspections are required. LeakDtech will always try to ensure that all commercial property customers are supported to the maximum extent in order to mitigate any water leaks and the consequential damage as costs and increased bills can continue to negatively affect any business.

The service also takes into account mission critical services such as hospitals that need to be fully operational wherever possible in order to save lives or food chillers and cold store warehouses where food must be kept optimally in a controlled environment. Data centers, also known as computer rooms, are another example of mission critical facilities that contain water for cooling and where, if a leak occurred, could create a huge threat to mission critical computing environments for organisations such as banks, government offices and even telecommunications providers.

In all of these scenarios, LeakDtech have designed and developed inspection and detection solutions to assist customers by swiftly and economically identifying any water leak sources that could be critically damaging or that result in potential additional costs which could have huge negative effects on any business’s profitability.

The commercial water leak service also includes other social/sport type venues such as equine stables, polo clubs, football stadiums, public parks, golf courses, sports clubs and other locations where large areas of irrigation, drainage or fire-lines could be leaking and require inspection and repair.

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