Building Leak Detection for MEP Leaks

Commercial Building Civil/MEP Leaks

Commercial building MEP water leaks can be a huge problem to businesses who depend on water to provide a service to customers, and any water leakage could halt or hinder business continuity. This would include any commercial buildings from airports or hotels through to schools and public parks. LeakDtech’s building leak detection solution is designed to swiftly locate any MEP water leaks without disruption of day-to-day operations in a building.

New Building Plumbing Tests

The fitting out of MEP systems in any new building must follow strict guidelines and operational codes to meet universally accepted standards. However, if any sub-standard product or installation occurs, LeakDtech could provide professional pressure testing and building leak detection services of drainage lines by an external technology, so that credibility and quality can be maintained and delivered after the build and renovation has been completed and the site has been handed over.

Legacy Building Quality Assurance Tests

The importance of Quality Assurance testing cannot be underestimated for commercial buildings and if renovations have taken place to an existing site the importance of Quality Assurance testing is considered even higher – especially when the building’s existing MEP structures must be tested, as well as any new systems that have been added.

Commercial MEP Leak Locations

Areas of concern within any commercial building used for business can include the following:

  • Drainage pipeline leaks can become pervasive with multiple leaks developing over time in commercial kitchens;
  • Fire-line leaks in general are not common as the system is always pressurized, however, few customers connect a running jockey pump with wastage or even higher water bills where the wastage must be made up;
  • Chilled water line leaks can exist, whether from chillers or district cooling lines if insulation has not been installed correctly or if joints begin to leak;
  • Walk in chiller or cold store leaks can result from inadequately fitted doors, leaking panel seams, high condensation buildup due to a lack of external conditioning, and lastly slab water damage due to ice buildup;
  • Air conditioning leaks can be systemic when not maintained correctly, causing condensation drain lines to leak, or poorly installed insulation on the chilled lines creating condensation buildup;
  • Domestic potable water leaks are rare, but do occur in older facilities and flow monitoring or water meters are considered to be important data when trying to identify any ongoing leak.

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