Interior Plumbing Leak Detection

Leakage in Interior Plumbing Works of Homes

Interior plumbing water leaks, both in apartments or stand-alone homes, can originate from a number of common sources, but the damage and financial implications from interior water leaks can be extensive if left unchecked. Therefore, as a solution, LeakDtech provides professional plumbing leak detection services to quickly locate any hidden source of leakage in interior plumbing works.

Structural Damage of Residential Plumbing Leaks

Water damage can result in serious structural deformation such as swollen or cracked concrete due to rusted reinforcing bars, damaged wooden beams and flooring as well as mold and damp issues. When water leaks are unknown and allowed to progress over a period of years, the side effects can very seriously negatively affect the asset value and sometimes require demolition in extreme cases. Plumbing leak detection might be a preemptive action to avoid such negative effects.

Common Residential Interior Leak Problems

Residential water leak sources can include the following:

  • Drainage plumbing leaks can be located within a riser or slab floor and are normally due to either a leaking joint or cracked pipe, but can also sometimes result from a poorly fitted water trap;
  • Domestic water supply leaks occur at joints or fittings; with all pipes being under pressure at between 2 and 4 bars, domestic pipe leaks can be hugely expensive;
  • Roof water tank leaks can occur through seams or valves due to deterioration and float valves should always be monitored to prevent free flowing water;
  • Bathroom water leaks can result from domestic water and overflow connections to both the bath or sink, as well as drainage pipe connections to the shower, sink and bath tub;
  • Kitchen leaks consist mostly from drainage or domestic water pipes and fittings where water leakage can occur into walls and under floors;
  • Utility room water leaks where washing machines and reserve white goods are installed can sometimes leak from the water supply or drainage connections.


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