Industrial Manufacturing Fire Lines

Manufacturing Fire Lines Protect Assets

Larger industrial manufacturing facilities usually contain significant assets of high value and, as such, fully functioning firefighting equipment and facilities to protect these industrial assets are of paramount importance. Hydrant lines designed for firefighting use must remain fully pressurized at 12 to 16 bar to ensure that when required, their full potential can be utilized. The integrity of fire lines is as important as the protection of the assets. Therefore, it can be preserved or restored by application of advanced fire line leak detection technologies.

Stop The Fire Line Jockey Pump Running

To keep fire lines fully pressurized, they should never have their jockey pump running on or off continuously due to the existence of a fire line water leak. At high pressures, fire lines can easily loose huge amounts of water volume, requiring the jockey pump to draw water from the central tank and reduce the full firefighting capabilities if called upon at the time of any emergency.

Quickly Solve Industrial Fire Lines Leakage

Water leaks in fire lines are sadly commonplace, whether in an aluminum smelting works or in airport fuel storage tanks but fortunately, LeakDtech is able to locate any underground water leaks with ease, allowing rectification to take place and any fire line water leaks to be resolved. If any jockey pump operates due to pressure loss, LeakDtech can provide inspection services, using fire line leak detection technologies, to locate the leak swiftly, as the cost of water loss can be significant.


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