Underground Water Leak Detection

Underground Water Leaks

Underground water leaks are normally associated with non-critical operations or systems, such as sump tanks of buildings and car parks. However, some of the potential systems that could leak may be of critical importance to the safety of a building, such as underground district cooling chilled water lines or fire-lines that supply both hydrants and hose reels that will need to be utilised in an emergency. LeakDtech’s commercial underground water leak detection solutions are applicable to almost any building not used for residential purposes.

Underground Water Leak Detection Technology

In any commercial environment, all underground areas at risk of potential leaks need to be inspected and monitored, not an easy task, but fortunately, LeakDtech can utilise innovative technology to identify the location of any underground pipe leak to allow the construction or maintenance company to repair the problem.

Common Commercial Underground Leaks

As a general rule, the most common problems experienced by customers have included the following:

  • Underground parking leaks – this can sometimes be a ground water or adjacent pipe, but in all cases LeakDtech can identify the location of water ingress;
  • Underground water tank leaks – this can include ingress or egress, but more commonly where water is lost to ground or an adjacent room via a break within the water proof layer;
  • Underground fire hydrant leaks due to the high pressure of the lines which can lead to water loss and an active jockey pump;
  • Underground chilled water leaks can occur from poor insulation or breaks in joints or unions;

Underground domestic water leaks from utility supplied water pipes are usually associated with the booster pump, but subsidence can cause problems over time.

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