Pipes and Valves Leakage

Petrochemical Pipe and Valve Leak Inspections

Whether by way of an upstream or downstream supply, all products must be transported via pipelines. In cases of pipes that travel both above and below ground, damage of differing types can occur, however it is possible to detect damage and leaks through first hand physical/visual leak inspections or through detection sensors and remote monitoring.

Find Insulation and Pipe Damage

Each pipe can be heavily insulated or wrapped which can become damaged gradually, whilst any valves that have been in operation for extended periods of time can begin to leak vapor, all of which are possible to detect through the latest leak inspection technologies from LeakDtech.

Waste Water, Well Heads and Pig Lines

In addition, simple waste water pipes that safely carry away waste from well-heads and pig-lines at the port can all incur leakages, but wherever the leak, LeakDtech can help.

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