Exterior Building Leaks

Build and Material Quality on Residential Leak Outside of House

Exterior building leaks can be caused by many factors, however, build quality or material quality has been found to have a greater influence on water leak outside of house rather than that of natural weathering dilapidation, which is more gradual over many years.

All water leaks require investigation to identify the source of the leak and effective thorough repairs, rather than utilising superficial rectifications which only combat the side effects.

Common Residential Exterior Leaks

These leaks include the following:

  • Roofing water leaks can result when flashings, tiles or any other water proofing is penetrated or broken, allowing rain water to pass through and damage the building below;
  • Atrium water leaks result from broken or problematic seals around glass panelling;
  • Storm drain leaks or floods can result due to blockage from foreign objects, leaves or broken flashings; down pipes can also be blocked or broken;
  • Skylight water leakage can be as a result of broken or worn seals, as well as the flashing surrounds;
  • Façade leaks can allow water leakage in – or warm/cold air out – as a result of dilapidation, as well as substandard fittings;
  • Door leaks, as with façade leaks, can allow water leakage in – or internal warmth or AC chilled air out – when the door jambs or the sill leaks;

Window water leaks, as with door leaks, can leak water inwards and also allow interior air outwards.

We at LeakDtech can locate any hidden leak outside of your home quickly and with precision, saving integrity of it before any substantial damage. Contact us today to tell your leak problem and we will help you.


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