Reduce High Utility & DEWA Bills

Find ways to reduce your DEWA (water, electricity) and Palm Utilities by calling LeakDtech Dubai today and find ways to save.  The sooner you take action, the sooner problems will be found and fixed and bills should be reduced.

Easy to Book Inspection

Always available and happy to serve our customers, LeakDtech Dubai offer online booking and a call out number for emergencies.

Zero Bad Workmanship

LeakDtech Dubai will not allow contractors to deliver bad workmanship and have a “Zero Percent Policy”on accepting substandard works.

Callout Charge

We will not charge any service fees (except our callout charge) if a problem is not identified during a residential inspection.

Guaranteed Service

We guarantee customer satisfaction or your money back.

Check Your Bills and Find Ways to Save Money

Water leaks inside your property can sometimes cause severe damage once the water has been leaking for an extended length of time into the walls or floors. Finding water leaks early can sometimes mean the difference between a bill of 1000 dhs and 10000 dhs. Let our experts check your DEWA bill to find out if you can save money today.

Ground Water

With many sources of water around all properties, leaking DEWA, irrigation or ground water can all be contributing to water damage within a property.

Infrared image of a garden water leak

Our 3 Steps to Peace of Mind

Based on our recognised and individual approach, LeadDtech Dubai offers its customers the Leak Found, Leak Fixed, and Leak Solved approach to ensuring all problems are found and fixed the first time.


Step 1 - Leak Found

We find the leak for customers getting on site in 4 hours for emergency calls.


Step 2 - Leak Fixed

We check the works if requested.


Step 3 - Leak Solved

We re-inspect our customers problems and guarantee the leaks are fixed.

Contact Us Now And Start Finding Ways to Save


Contact the LeakDtech Dubai team and let them save you money.


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