Sports Center Water Leaks


Sports centers and clubs have become a large part of society offering sports such as football, tennis and rugby as well as athletics and indoor pursuits. But managing such a large complex and monitoring the facilities for water leaks is no easy task. Whether it is the changing facilities, the swimming pool or outside turf and landscapes, all require water – an expensive commodity. Wasted water will soon increase bills, reducing profitability.


LeakDtech Dubai’s specialist technicians are available to inspect your site thoroughly using advanced technology which will swiftly and cost effectively identify any water problems.

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Landscape Irrigation

Turf needs to be watered regularly during the differing seasons. With an underground irrigation system, it can be difficult to know if you have a leak. Our ground penetrating radars can swiftly identify and locate any leak.

Swimming Pool Leaks

Ground movement shifting pool shells and poor or deteriorated sealants can result in cracks allowing water to leak. Often pipework is located underground, but damp testing and thermal imaging technology can pinpoint any leak.

Changing Room Leaks

Flushing toilets and showers in constant use can often incur a water leak, difficult to detect with the area always wet. A damp testing scan using thermal imaging technology will see past the wet walls and into the pipework behind.

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