Condensate and Plumbing Leaks


In hot climates, both residential and commercial buildings, utilize air conditioning units – a regular culprit for water leaks, especially with the condensate and plumbing lines. Indicators are often visual with:

Damp patches on walls
Corroded areas on floors or ceilings
Overflowing drip trays
Moldy, musty smells

With condensate pipework often travelling through floors, walls and roofs, identifying the exact location of the leak can be costly and time-consuming.


Using advanced technology, LeakDtech Dubai can assist by scanning the path of the pipes within the walls and floors and locate the problem without any destructive invasion to premises.

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Locating Damp in Walls

Thermal imaging technology is a great tool for scanning large areas such as walls and floors to identify damp patches which is a key indicator of a nearby water leak.

Identifying Location of Drain Line Leaks

Using infrared cameras to scan the ground for drain leaks can identify areas of potential concern by providing images of their thermal condition, not visible to the naked eye.

Pressure Checking Drain Lines for Leaks

High pressures are passed through condensate lines to maintain the temperatures which often cause cracks or corrosion. A scan of the pipework will identify any leaks allowing swift repairs.

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