District Cooling Dubai Supply Line Leaks


Many offices and buildings utilize air conditioning units. To explain, usually a company will build and maintain a centralized chiller plant in a town or city’s locale, generating chilled water. Underground pipes then extend from this central chiller plant, pumping cold water out to surrounding offices and businesses and then, travels back to the cooling plant to be chilled and distributed again. A continuous cycle of chilling and providing cooled water – a leak in this complex maze of lines could be a problem.


An entire complex of district cooling system can be inspected by LeakDtech Dubai using innovative technology which can easily and precisely locate any leak in the pipework of the system. Working with proactive approach, LeakDtech Dubai’s specialist engineers can assist in identifying underground leaks and potential problems in a district cooling system.

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Leaking Pipework

The leak could arise from any point in the system due to poorly fitted pipework, faulty or damaged seals, corrosion or wear and tear. A thermal imaging scan of the pipework will highlight any areas of concern.

Underground Leaks

Main pipework leading to the buildings will usually be underground. It is often thought that leaking water will rise to the surface but this is not so. With ground penetrating radar capabilities, any underground leak can be swiftly identified.

Managing a Complex District Cooling System

With district cooling pipework often extending over and under many miles of grounds, as well as through floors of office buildings, a suspected leak could be a concern. Why not arrange for a proactive scan of your entire complex, identifying the leak early.

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