Residential Tower Leakage


Blocks of apartments are common place, providing hundreds of flats to house the local community. If a water leak is suspected how can it be located within a complex network of pipe lines running between floors, in wall recesses and underground? Whilst areas of damp or pooled water may provide a rough guide as to which floor or flat is experiencing a leak, locating it could be difficult.


Using new innovative technology, LeakDtech Dubai can thoroughly scan any area of a residential building, including lift pit, roof, atrium and underground car parking and swiftly pinpoint the location of any leak.

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Lift Leaks

Water in the lift pit or shaft could be caused by subsidence or ground movement or poorly installed waterproofing. A thermal imaging scan and damp-testing will pinpoint the location of water ingress and allow for repair.

Roof and Atrium Leaks

Atrium areas in the main foyer, or the roof of the building may experience the smallest of leaks, perhaps indicative by small pools of water – an infrared scan of the structure will highlight the source of any problem.

Underground Car Park Leaks

With many blocks of flats, car parks are underground.  If the surrounding water table is high, excess water will ingress through cracks or faulty proofing of the walls and floors.  A thermal imaging scan of the structure will highlight the source of the problem.


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