Water Feature Leaks


Water features come in all shapes and sizes from a single fountain in a hotel foyer, a pond in a hotel’s grounds, to an elaborate, entwining route of small water flows, waterfalls and lights. Whatever the feature, a water leak will always be a risk. With ponds and more complex water features, pipe supplies and fittings may well be underground making it difficult to identify a leak.


With LeakDtech Dubai’s innovative leak detection technology, a leak anywhere can be swiftly located without ground disruption. Leak detection solutions of LeakDtech Dubai can be applied to pond and water feature linings, underground pipelines of water feature and structure of waterfall.

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Pond and Water Feature Linings

The lining of any pond or underground based water feature is a prime area for water leaks –  whether due to installation or cracks due to age. An infrared scan of the lining will identify any problems.

Pipeline Leaks

For larger water features and ponds, pipelines and pumps will supply, filter and push the water around. With many pipes being underground a damp testing radar scan be used to identify any water leaks.

Waterfall Leaks

The structure behind any waterfall may incorporate electrics and if it suffers cracks due to pressure water could leaking into these surroundings.  A thermal imaging and infrared scan can identify any ‘behind the scenes’ leaks.

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