Floor Tiles and Drains


In any environment, many pipelines and drains are fitted below the ground and once buried with coverings of cement, floor tiles, wooden flooring or even outside landscapes, any leak in them cannot be located without the time and cost of lifting the floor.
If you suspect a leak, due to high water bills or damp patches, then there is solution available that can be applied without the lifting the floor.


LeakDtech Dubai’s new innovative leak detecting technology can scan the grounds using damp patch testing equipment which will pinpoint the location of the leak allowing for minor remedial repairs without the disruption of lifting floors.

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Damaged or Leaking Pipes

Pipes can become damaged due to age and wear or tear or because of faulty installation. A discoloured damp patch can indicate the escape of water and an infrared scan of the area in question can locate the problem.


Blocked Drains

Drains can become blocked causing water to back up resulting in it coming up through the floors or, due to the building of pressure, can cause a valve or joint to burst. A thermal imaging scan will locate the site of any blockage.

Kitchens and Toilets

Underground leaks are common so monitoring floors for damp patches, flaking paint or pools of water around sinks bases or toilets can indicate leaking water. A thermal imaging scan of the floors around these areas will highlight any issues.


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