Water Leaks in Horse Stables and Polo Clubs


There are numerous water problems that can be experienced at horse stables, equine centers and polo clubs. Water could leak through stable roofs, and ground foundations could become flooded or waterlogged, but with any leaking water, damage can be caused such as rotten timbers, dangerous and unsecure stable doors and damp outbuildings. Water is used in various ways with pipe lines providing drinking water, irrigation systems and toilet and showering facilities.


Managing water problems in horse stables and polo clubs is not an easy task. Fortunately, with LeakDtech Dubai’s innovative technology – any leak or problem can be swiftly located and identified without disruption.

Pipe lines, fire lines and irrigation system of a horse stable can be inspected by LeakDtech Dubai as preventive measure to avoid water leaks before they cause costly damage to the premises of the stable.

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Leaking Pipe Lines

With water having to be piped around the complex to allow access at stables and grooming areas, as well as the people facilities, locating a leak, could be difficult, but a scan of the pipeline will identify any leaks.

Irrigation Leaks

In order to identify a problem with an underground irrigation system a damp test and thermal imaging scan of the ground surface will identify and locate a leak allowing a swift repair without having to raise the whole irrigation system.

Fire Line Facilities

A fire in this type of environment could be costly with the amount of wooden structures, not to mention the risk to the horses and as such, maintaining fire equipment is key, tests which can be undertaken with specialist technology without disruption.

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