Waste Water Pipeline Leaks


Sanitary waste being flushed away from every organization, business and factory is carried by pipeline from the buildings into the main sewer system. Leaks within these lines often arise due to corrosion, wear and tear, surrounding soil conditions, ground movement or shrinkage from the service pipe. This type of water leak is not only foul smelling and can cause damage but there are health factors also. Small leaks could leave longstanding odors and cause a lot of damage over time – to buildings and staff.


LeakDtech Dubai’s new innovative technology and ground penetrating radar equipment can identify and locate the smallest of leaks in waste pipelines allowing for a swift repair. The costly and time-consuming repairs can be prevented with the proactive inspection that is performed by LeakDtech Dubai.

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Internal Pipelines

With the waste pipe lines beginning within the building, a water leak could be lurking anywhere. With a thermal imaging and infrared scan of your system, the leak can be swiftly located and repaired.

Main Service Pipelines

Often the main service lines removing the waste into the main system will run underground. If a leak is not located internally this could be the reason – something which a ground penetrating radar scan could locate.

Ongoing Maintenance

With such a crucial system, removing waste that not only can cause unsightly damage and bad smells but also health risks, a leak must be repaired. With a proactive leak detection scan of your pipelines, any problem will be identified early.

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