Roofs and Ceilings


Roofs and ceilings, especially with older properties, can deteriorate due to erosion and years of weather damage.
Leaking water through the roof could be as a result of:

Slipped tiles
Damaged roof junctions
Cement cracks
General wear and tear.

Whilst an internal indicator may be damp patches on the ceilings, identifying the location of the water leak could be timely and costly.


LeakDtech Dubai’s new innovative technology can assist by carrying out a full scan of the roof structure, identifying any immediate issues or potential areas of erosion that need repairing before a leak occurs. LeakDtech Dubai provides leak detection solutions for:

Roof Rain Leaks
Ceiling Water Leaks
Interstitial Condensation

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Roof Rain Leaks

A small, longstanding roof leak could become an emergency during heavy rains – a technological scan of your structure will highlight any holes or cracks allowing repair before an emergency occurs.

Ceiling Water Leaks

Water leaks within a ceiling cavity may be visible in the form of large areas of damp or cracked plaster, but with a ceiling scan, this technology will identify the exact location of the problem.

Interstitial Condensation

This occurs when moist air penetrates inside a wall/ceiling structure and reaches its ‘dew-point’, causing pooled water, resulting in mold and damp.  A ceiling and roof structure scan will highlight damp areas or thermal changes.

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