A/C Condensation


With many properties having air conditioning units installed, the occurrence of water leaks is common place, especially with the condensate and plumbing lines. Indicators are often visual with damp patches on walls, floors or ceilings and overflowing drip trays.
Clogged air filters and cracked condensation panes can cause leaks in A/C units.
With condensate pipework often travelling through floors, walls and roofs, identifying the exact location of the leak can be costly and time-consuming.


Using advanced non-invasive leak detection technology, LeakDtech Dubai can carry out a thorough and swift scanning of the path of the pipes within the walls and floors and locate the problems such as:

A/C Insulation Condensation
A/C Pipeline Blockage
Clogged Air Filters
Cracked Drain Pans

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Air Conditioning Insulation Condensation

A lack of proper insulation around a/c units, or poorly sealed openings that allow warm air to come into contact with cool ducts, causes condensation – an inspection will highlight this problem.

Air Conditioning Condensate Leaks

If a filter is dirty it could block up the condensate pipeline or freeze, with the associated melting water leaking out – a scan of the pipework would highlight any blockage.

Air Conditioning Water Leaks

Clogged air filters, cracked drain pans and condensation build up, all cause water leaks that are not always visible – a scan of the equipment and the pipework would highlight any concerns.

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