Water Park & Resort Leaks


Water parks and resorts are popular, particularly in hot weather. However, with the vast amount of water activities, pipelines and equipment, a water leak could go undetected for long period. This could lead to high water bills or damage to the facilities themselves costing large sums to repair – as well as reduced profit due to lack of use.


With such a complex system, LeakDtech Dubai can assist in every way. Their innovative new advanced technology can scan all of the pipelines and water activity components identifying the source of any problem to allow for a swift repair.

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Leaking Pipelines

There will be a large network of pipes facilitating all the pools and water attractions but how can you possibly identify one leak. An infrared scan of the pipelines will swiftly identify the location of any leak.

Swimming Pool Leaks

Swimming pools should be properly waterproofed and secure but any amount of ground shifting or wear and tear with age, can result in cracks to the outer shell and water ingress. A thermal imaging scan of the pools will highlight any problems.

Underground Leaks

With a lot of the pipework being located underground beneath the water park, it will be important to locate a leak quickly. A scan using ground penetrating radars will easily locate the source of any leak.

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