Potable Water Pipeline Leaks


In this current age, potable water is provided throughout most countries – fresh, clean, healthy drinking water. Potable water has to be safe to drink and therefore the supply to any outlet needs to be well maintained. Leaks in potable pipelines not only waste the precious natural resource but there is risk of contamination if outside elements can enter the supply. As such, regular inspections and maintenance of potable pipelines is crucial.


LeakDtech Dubai can assist with any potable water problems using new advanced technology, scanning your pipes without disrupting the supply.

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Leaking Pipelines

Potable water is always going to be in high demand any wastage is damaging to our future needs. With a scan of an underground supply of water pipes using sensitive thermal imaging equipment, leaks can be swiftly located.

Contaminated Water

Any slight crack in a pipeline can also allow in contaminates, not always visible in colour or taste – a thorough scan of the pipelines to identify any cracks allows swift repair and treatment of that supply.

Inspection and Maintenance

With potable water being so vitally important, regular proactive inspections of your potable water supplies by way of specialist technology can identify small problems allowing swift repair, reducing waste and expense.

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