Basement Water Leaks


Basements are a prime location for water leaks. Often the cause of the leak is due to the surrounding ground’s water table. Excess water seeps into the soil that surrounds the foundations and between the footings. In normal conditions this is absorbed, but during heavy rains, the excess water will look for ingress points, normally through cracks in basement walls.


Waterproofing your basement walls and floors can help but if you notice damp areas or wet walls then help is available – LeakDtech Dubai can assist by carrying out a thorough scan of the entire basement using new leak detecting technology to locate the source of any leak.

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Ground Water Ingress

Trickling water or wet walls can be an indicator of incoming water. By scanning the walls, floors and ceiling with an infrared scan, any crack or hole can be swiftly identified.

Secondary Source Leak

As well as cracks in the structure of the basement, any pipework laid within or around the basement walls may also be leaking. The thermal imaging scan will identify any leaking pipework and allow a swift repair.

Mold and Damp

Both water ingress seeping through walls and floors or leaking pipes can cause the buildup of damp and mold; key indicators of a problem – a thorough scan of the basement will locate the cause.

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