Hospital Water Leaks


One of the leading causes of property loss and damage is within the hospital sector. Water is a key part of a hospital’s setup in order to provide sterile equipment, clean washing and toilet facilities and healthy food and drink. With such a huge amount of water consumed on a weekly basis, pipework and water utilities need to be well maintained. With such a large environment, small leaks could go unnoticed for long periods of time but could be causing huge amounts of damage.


Using advanced technology, LeakDtech Dubai can provide hospitals with a complete and lowkey inspection to identify any leak within their premises without disruption to hospital operations. Hospital water pipelines, fire and drain lines can be thoroughly inspected by LeakDtech Dubai to ensure that there is no water problem or a leak.

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Hospital Water Leaks

With older buildings, water pipes within walls, floors and ceilings can leak unnoticed for months – not only causing damage but posing the risk for burst pipes affecting the hospital’s activities. Regular inspections will help maintain the system.

Hospital Fire Line Leaks

In the event of a fire, a hospital’s firefighting equipment and sprinkler systems must be at full working capability. Pooled water on floors below sprinkler outlets could indicate a problem – an infrared scan of the system would highlight any concerns.

Hospital Drainage Line Leaks

With so much water drained out daily through drainage lines, the risk of a leak is high and the results can be mold and an unhealthy environment – a scan of the drainage line system will swiftly identify any leaks.

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