Fish Counters


In more modern restaurants of our time, live or catch of the day fish counters become a huge potential source of building asset damage if not maintained or monitored correctly.
When left unchecked, fish counter leaks can become a pervasive problem that steadily progresses into becoming an insurance claim by the property operator, where large volumes of extremely cold water manage to migrate to both adjacent or lower properties causing significant damage both to other assets or to that of adjacent retail outlets.
If fish counters are not monitored through annual checkups, massive additional damage can occur.


Using innovative leak detection equipment, LeakDtech Dubai can perform a pre-emptive and thorough inspection of fish counters, their drain lines and surroundings to identify water leak sources, preventing costly damages they can cause to building assets.

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Fish Counter Broken Floor Tiles

Fish Counter leaks into a concrete slab due to broken tiles is hugely common due to some preparation counters being mobile for cleanliness. This means that with continuous movement of the heavy counter usually breaks the tiles which can be investigated by LeakDtech Dubai.

Fish Counter Drainage Leaks

Fish Counter drainage lines can be cause for concern when left long enough, where the large volumes of water due to washing and ice melt water over many years can lead to broken pipe joints where water then leaks into the slab around the outside of the pipe, leaching into other building areas.

Meat Preparation Water Traps

A classic issue with many wet floors especially within kitchens or food preparation areas are the water trap floor drains that can become mobile within the floor, rocking slightly within the floor resulting in water leakage into the slab around the exterior of the water trap and into the lower floor areas or along the drainage pipe.

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