Office Building Water Leaks


Running a safe and cost-effective office building is crucial to maintain productivity and profit levels. However, all sorts of problems can occur if the water system is not managed effectively. With floors of facilities including toilets and kitchen areas, there are many places where leaking water can hide.
Common signs of a hidden leak are unpleasant smell and mold spores on walls or damp walls.
Water leaks not only result in costly bills and repairs, but also poses a health risk from molds and toxins.


In order to maintain a safe environment and reduce wastage, LeakDtech Dubai’s specialists can carry out a thorough scan of your building, checking all pipework and utilities for water leaks using advanced technology.

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Canteen and Kitchen Leaks

With cooking and catering equipment utilising the water supply, a leak could lay hidden in floor drainage lines, pipework or in the equipment itself – by using thermal imaging scanning of these areas, any leaking water will be identified.

Office Mold

Mold spores can build up in damp areas exposed to heat and oxygen, resulting from leaking pipes in wall or floor cavities or water vapor from poor ventilation – using damp-testing and thermal imaging equipment damp areas can be swiftly located.

Bad Office Smell

Foul smells or odours experienced in an office can be caused by leaking air conditioning systems – costly and a health hazard. An inspection, using infrared and thermal technology of the a/c unit and pipework, can swiftly identify any leaks.

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