Warehouse Roof Water Leaks


Roofing leaks are commonly experienced with any building structure, whether it is a small residential roof, a shopping mall or a large warehouse roof. Detecting a leak is difficult but locating it, when the hole could be the size of a pin, can be a time-consuming task.
Alternatively, general wear and tear problems may only be known about after heavy rainfall. Leaking water into a warehouse could not result in damage to the structure, a costly renovation but also damage to produce stored within.


LeakDtech Dubai is able to utilize new leak detecting technology to scan your roof and identify any leak or area of concern.
As a pre-emptive measure, warehouse roof can be tested for leaks by LeakDtech to prevent any potential water problem before it damages the roof. Pre-emptive roof test for leaks can save time and cost for the business, running the warehouse.

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New Roofing Test Leaks

When either form of roof covering is applied to Dubai buildings, they have to be tested for leaks, usually the good old gravity test. Not a wholly satisfactory test, this new infrared scanning equipment can identify leaks faster and easier.

Wear аnd Tear – Heavy Rainfall

With older warehouses, roofs may have been in place for years and wear and tear will not always be visible. Heavy rains can be devastating to weakened roofs. A thermal imaging scan will highlight any concerns.

Gutters аnd Down Pipes аnd Vents

Clogged or damaged gutters, seals and down pipes could be responsible for pumping excess water through into the building roof recess, causing damage. A scan of the gutters and downpipes can identify any blockages.

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