Spas & Health Club Leaks


The provision of water that is clean and safe is a key element to the successful running of a spa and health club. With swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas, treatment rooms and showers, as well as the provision of food and drinks, the water has to not only be safe – no penetration by chemicals or other toxins – but given the amount of water consumed, the costs must be monitored. A water leak in this type of complex environment could cost time and money, combined with the risk of contamination.


LeakDtech Dubai’s specialists can carry out a complete scan of swimming pool, showers, jacuzzi, sauna and other water based utilities of spa or health club to swiftly locate and identify any leak or water problem.

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Swimming Pool Leaks

Sealants can deteriorate, ground movement can cause structure cracks – a potent smell could indicate a chlorine leak. With pipework being located underground, damp testing and ground penetrating radars can assist in identifying any problems.


Jacuzzi Leaks

A common cause of jacuzzi leaks could be the pump or the supporting union fittings, the valves or connections within the shell of the tub – but by using thermal imaging technology, leaking water will be easily identified.

Health Club Water Based Utilities

With a large environment providing water to toilet and showering facilities, kitchens and laundry rooms, any leak can be swiftly located by way of a building scan using infrared and thermal imaging technology.

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