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Living in a villa is commonplace in hotter climates such as Dubai, but as with any home or building, water leaks always arise at some point. Whether it is from toilet or kitchen equipment or pipework, swimming pools or jacuzzi leaks, leaking roofs or landscape problems – locating the source of a leak can be timely and costly. Telltale signs may indicate a problem but with most pipework hidden, even searching for a leak will be very hard task and cannot be done without physical disruption.


LeakDtech Dubai has new advanced leak detection technology which can thoroughly scan any area of a villa and swiftly pinpoint the location of any leak. Using this technology, specialists of LeakDtech Dubai can inspect the roof, façade, pipework, and landscape of a villa to ensure that there are no water problems in it.

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Leaking Pipes

High water bills, damp patches on walls, or pooled water around equipment or utilities, can indicate a water problem. Using infrared and thermal imaging scanning, the location of the leaking pipe can be swiftly located.

Leaking Roofs

Peeling paintwork, cracked plaster and water puddles can be indicators of leaking roofs. Roof leak tests are available but the most effective inspection is via an ultra violet, infrared scan which will pinpoint the source of the leak.

Landscape and Oustide Leaks

With outside features such as swimming pools, jacuzzis or irrigation systems used for landscapes, water leaks underground could be difficult to locate. Using thermal imaging and ground penetrating radars across the grounds can locate any leak.

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