Façade & Atrium Leaks


Facades and atriums at malls and hotels can be beautiful but maintenance can be difficult. Atriums can be low, just covering the ground floor, or can be as high as the hotel itself, often made of large connecting sheets of glass. Large complex facades can also hide leaks and water problems. With such a huge structure, identifying a leak could be quite a job. While pools of water on the floor below may indicate a problem, locating the leak would be difficult.


LeakDtech Dubai can carry out a scanned inspection of the façade or atrium, using new advanced technology, precisely and swiftly locating any leaks, including:

A/C Leakage
Atrium Interstitial Condensation
Window or Door Leakage

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Air Conditioning Leakage

Clogged air filters, cracked drain pans and condensation build up all cause water leaks that are not always visible – a scan of the equipment and the pipework would highlight any concerns.

Atrium Interstitial Condensation

Occurring when moist air penetrates inside a glass or façade cavity and reaches its ‘dew-point’ becoming pooled water, causing mold and damp.  A scan of the building’s façade and atrium will highlight damp areas or thermal changes

Window and Door Leakage

Windows and doors can often leak, especially in rainy weather, particularly if the seals are old and broken or catches are worn.  This technology can scan any size window or door.

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