Fire Pipes and Sprinkler Line Leaks


A puddle of water on the floor – especially rusty colored water, or a rotten egg smell, can be key indicators of a sprinkler or fire line leak. Common causes are oxygen or blockages within the pipes, as well as overly tightened or poorly installed fittings.
Older buildings with unsuitable outdated sprinklers can regularly be problematic. Similarly, leaking pipes or low-pressure water can result in fire hydrants not working to their full potential – a severe safety hazard if they do not work properly when required.


LeakDtech has technology to hand to inspect and identify any water leak problems in:

Hydrant Fire Line
Fire House Cabinet
Deluge Tank

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Hydrant Fire Line Leaks

Fire hydrants are known to leak over time due to subsidence or through joint leakage where high pressures around 16 bar or higher are considered normal, where even a small pipe crack can lead to huge wastage and cost.

Fire Hose Cabinet Leaks

Commercial building fire hose cabinets often show no or little signs of leakage as they exist with building structures, however, over time, the supply line can degrade or break down and yet leaks can be found by LeakDtech.

Deluge Tank Leaks

Any fire protection deluge sprinkler system relies on the existence of a huge volume of water held in a tank either underground or adjacent to the pump room where if deluge tank leaks exist fire protection becomes a risk.

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