Fridge Condensation


Commercial fridges or walk in chillers often fall short of high quality as a result of substandard design, materials or installation which can lead to significant secondary damages as a result of leakage or condensation build up. A common problem can be that of the panels being badly sealed along with doors and other fittings where cold air is released which causes condensation to collect on the slab.

Secondly, if the unit has not had a foundation heater installed, huge amounts of water condensate can build up because of a chilled lower concrete slab which can also then become frozen and crack. Lastly the chiller unit normally positioned on the fridge roof must always be checked and maintained where bad insulation or broken condensate pipes can lead to a volume of water again leaking down onto the slab.

Lastly another item that is frequently overlooked is to have the surrounding air volume conditioned so that external air does not circulate around either the chiller or fridge body so that external condensation sources can be controlled.


With new innovative equipment, LeakDtech Dubai can carry out a complete scan of a fridge or walk-in chiller to identify any source of leakage or condensation, diagnosing the reason of its malfunction as well.

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Panel or Door Leakage

If sealant is no properly applied during installation, or if door seals are not maintained, large volumes of water can collect at the entrance to the fridge or chiller which can be located through LeakDtech inspection or detection services.

Lack of Foundation Heater

Should a heater not get installed within the original slab or spread slab structures, the possibility of condensation is high with further concrete damage where monitoring sensors can be installed to warn the facility team of leakage.

Chiller Unit Condensate Pipe Leakage

Chiller units are always cause for concern where insulation is not reviewed or the condensate drainage lines are left untested or checked. Often visual inspections are carried out which miss leaks that modern technologies pick up.

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