Hotel Water Leaks


There are various areas within a hotel that can suffer from water leak problems. With many hotels containing hundreds of bathrooms, large commercial kitchens, swimming pools and spas, as well as the overall general network of pipes and valves, a whole host of potential problems can arise. One water leak could have a knock-on effect to other bathrooms or floors, especially from those rooms and swimming facilities located on higher floors. Hotel atriums are often made of glass which are also prone to leaks.


With innovative modern technology, LeakDtech Dubai can carry out a complete leak inspection of hospital’s all potential areas of concern, including:

Swimming pool
Network of pipes and valves

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Hotel Room Smells

A musty, rotten type smell found in any hotel room is an indicator of a water leak. Thermal imaging and infrared technology can be utilised to scan the room, identifying the source of the problem.

Hotel Kitchen Leaks

Within large commercial kitchens water could leak from equipment or pot wash drain pipes but a thorough inspection, day or night to avoid disruption, will identify any hidden leaks or equipment malfunctions

Hotel Swimming Pools And Jacuzzis

Water leaks from pipes feeding swimming pools and jacuzzis can go unnoticed but can be responsible for large areas of damage – a scan of the pipework and filter systems can swiftly highlight any leaks or concerns.

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