Pot Wash Drain Line Leakage


In commercial kitchens, a reoccurring problem is water leaks within pot wash drain lines. With hot oil, grease and food waste continually passing through drain pipe lines on a daily basis, the PVC cement can break down pipes/valves. Pipes can become blocked or corroded, or result in complete detachment of the joints.
These problems can dramatically reduce a kitchen’s working activities or bring all equipment to a grinding halt, resulting not only in extensive repair costs and reduced output, but also potential hygiene and environmental issues.


Using new modern technology, LeakDtech Dubai can:

perform proactive pot wash inspection to prevent water leakage,
locate any leak in pot wash pipeline and pipes under kitchen floor.

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Pot Wash Pipeline Leak Identification

Using innovative equipment consisting of thermal imaging and infrared technology to scan pot wash lines, especially those underground, pipes can be thoroughly inspected to locate any problems, allowing swift repairs.

Pot Wash Inspections

As a proactive, preventative approach, we can arrange for regular inspections of the drain lines to ensure they are in good working order, identifying any water issues at a very early stage.

Suspended Kitchen Floor Leaks

With many modern buildings having suspended floors, leaking pipes underground can go unnoticed for months.  The ability to scan an area to identify leaks, rather than remove the flooring is crucial.

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