Broken Plumbing


Thousands of homes and businesses suffer with water leak issues every year, causing millions of dirhams worth of damage and wasting tons of water. These problems could be a dripping tap, a damp patch on the wall or banging pipes in floor and ceiling recesses – the leak often not being visible or difficult to locate. A prime cause for many plumbing problems and water leaks is poorly installed or faulty, damaged pipes, joints and valves. Undetected leakage of broken plumbing can lead to:

Property damage
Costly maintenance
Disruption of business workflow


With the new innovative technology used by LeakDtech Dubai, any type of leak or water problem can be quickly located without destructive invasion to the property. LeakDtech Dubai’s leak detection specialist team has an experience of identifying such water leakage problems as:

Domestic Water Leaks
Broken Pipe Joints
Drainage Line Cracks

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Domestic Water Leaks

Commonly, in a domestic setting, a small or hard to find leak often goes unnoticed for months with the extent of the damage not realized, but with a technologically swift and reliable inspection, leaks can be identified.

Broken Pipe Joints

Older pipes can be subject to corrosion and breakage, so whilst an inspection can highlight current leaks, it can be proactive and identify areas of concern that may need repair or replacement.

Drainage Line Cracks

Cracked mains sewerage or drainage lines can be alarming, especially those buried underground, with concerns about access and repair. Using this modern technology, the crack can be identified and isolated swiftly.

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