School Water Leaks


School complexes can cover acres of ground with water travelling around either by way of pipes within the buildings, or underground to allow for irrigation and water supplies to outside facilities such as toilets and sporting areas. Not only is wasted or leaking water costly to the educational department, with higher bills and damage repairs, but longstanding water can cause mold – a severe health concern for many children.


LeakDtech Dubai works with educational customers and their maintenance teams to assist in inspecting the network of pipes and equipment with new innovative equipment to ensure they remain safe. Leak detection solutions of LeakDtech Dubai are also applicable to:

School Irrigation Leaks
School Water Tank and Potable Leaks
School Swimming Pool Leaks

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School Irrigation Leaks

A leak from an underground irrigation pipe in a school playing field could be a huge problem to find, but with thermal imaging technology the damp soil can be detected, locating the problem.

School Water Tank and Potable Leaks

The provision of water to bathrooms and kitchens and potable drinking water for staff and children is key, so by using this modern reliable technology water stays safe without waste.

School Swimming Pool Leaks

With the pipelines that facilitate school swimming pool and leisure activities containing not only water but chlorine chemicals, our technology can ensure that there are no hidden leaks.

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