Staff Accommodation Leaks


Many companies save costs by setting up staff camps for use by their employees – providing low cost local accommodation, convenient for working life. However, one staff camp can house more than 10,000 men or women, and if utilities are not properly maintained, hundreds of thousands of dirhams can be wasted each year. With multiple blocks providing hundreds of rooms, canteen/kitchen facilities, toilet, shower and washing facilities, the potential for a water leak occurring is high. With such a huge site, managing water leaks or being able to identify them could be time consuming.
Common signs of hidden water leak are bad smell, mold on walls or ceiling and unusually high water bills.


With LeakDtech Dubai’s new innovative leak detecting equipment, staff accommodation can be thoroughly inspected by specialists of the company to swiftly locate and identify any leak. Leak detection solutions of LeakDtech Dubai can also be applied to the accommodation premises as proactive and pre-emptive measure to prevent costly damage and to eliminate safety and health risks for employees.

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Staff Housing – Bad Smells

Moldy or musty smells, particularly with smaller rooms and bathrooms, are a key indicator that leaks may be occurring that are not visible – an infrared or thermal imaging scan will highlight any hidden leaks.


Staff Accommodation Mold

Mold is a health concern for everyone and is evidence of gathering water – maybe inside wall or ceiling recesses – a scan of the walls and ceilings will identify any water pools or leaks.

Staff Residence High Bills

With the idea of this level of accommodation being cost effective to employees, being given higher than expected water bills will be unwanted – a site investigation will aid these concerns.

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