Lift Pit and Lift Shaft Water Leaks


The functioning of a lift in any building has to be maintained in good working order. Broken-down lifts could result in lost lives in the case of an emergency. However, water leaks are not always associated with lift problems. The lift pit houses all of the technology connected to the lift itself, with the electrics and mechanisms filtering up through the lift shaft. Water in the lift pit or around the electric mechanisms will result in damage to lift operations.


If water is found anywhere within a lift system, LeakDtech Dubai can scan the whole lift shaft and pit, identifying the source of the leak or incoming water, swiftly and cost effectively.

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Lift Pits

Water in the pit could be caused by subsidence or ground movement or poorly installed waterproofing. A thermal imaging scan and damp-testing will pinpoint the point of water ingress and allow for repair.

Lift Shaft

A scan of the whole lift shaft using infrared and sensitive scanning equipment will identify whether any water is present in any of the mechanism, leading to the point of the problem.

Internal Structure

Inspections of internal walls may identify cracked plaster or areas of damp, indicating that water is in the walls. A scan of these walls will indicate where the water is leaking and if this is affecting the functions of the lift.

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