Holding Tank Sediment and Leaks


Holdings tanks are a vital piece of equipment with large factories and organizations. They are usually underground and hold sewage waste ready for collection and disposal – important for those businesses out in the deserts or away from main sewage lines. During times when the sewage is stored, sediment can gather at the bottom of the tank. The tank itself can be become damaged over time, sediment can block the pipes and the incoming pipes may become cracked or leak.


LeakDtech Dubai can perform a complete scan of pipelines, chambers and shell of a holding tank, utilizing new innovative leak detection equipment and ground penetrating radars to identify the location of any leak, crack or blockage.

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The Holding Tank

The tank itself can become damaged by tree roots or during the emptying process, or ground movement can result in cracks. A thermal imaging scan of the tank’s shell will highlight any leaks or problems.

The Pipelines

The incoming pipelines may become damaged due to age, or the surrounding ground changes may cause a crack or leak – by scanning the grounds covering the pathway of the pipes using ground penetrating radars, any leaking waste can be identified.

Blocked Pipes and Chambers

With not being able to see the sediment levels within the tank and whether they are causing blockages, an infrared scan of the tank and its chambers will identify whether any blockages are causing a concern.

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