Cold Store & Walk-in Chiller Leaks


Many large restaurants, hotels and food suppliers have cold stores and walk-in chillers to maintain food produce. With a dysfunctional system, the occurrence of high food waste costs and poor quality will be a problem. Water and gas are the ingredients pumped through the pipelines to the chillers, to maintain the cool temperatures. A leak in a pipeline could not only result in wasted water causing damage and expense, but a gas leak could be a dangerous hazard.


LeakDtech Dubai can scan the stores and chillers using advanced technology to safely identify any leaks, including panel condensation and condensate pipeline leak.

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Panel Condensation

Panel condensation can arise from leaks in air pipelines or a blockage in the condenser coils. Using penetrating radar technology, the chiller unit can be scanned, with infrared highlighting any leaks or blockages.

Condensate Pipe Line Leak

Condensate pipes are designed to temperate cold stores and chillers by pumping around high pressures of steam. This continued pressure can result in eroded pipes, causing cracks and leaks but thermal imaging scanning can identify any problem.

Poor Construction Quality

Poorly installed equipment will result in problems. Pressures running too high, chillers being incorrectly sized or a lack of maintenance, will cause chillers to run ineffectively. An inspection using infrared and thermal technology can identify any areas of concern.

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