Residential Fountain Water Leaks


Many home owners like to decorate their home and garden with water fountains and water features, pretty and relaxing but they can be responsible for the smallest leaks which could end up costing lots of money. It is often the case that leaks are not identified with water fountains and it is presumed that the pump or fountain is just not working properly. If you maintain your fountain well, but are still experiencing problems, then it could be indicative of a leak.


LeakDtech Dubai can assist by carrying out an inspection of your water fountain and the associated pipework using advanced technology to locate the source of any problem.

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High Water Bills

Longstanding small water leaks with any water feature or fountain can result in water bills increasing. Ensure you are monitoring the fountain and the water consumption – if you suspect a leak have an inspection.

Lower Water Wastage

By maintaining water fountains properly and ensuring they are working to their full capacity, including identifying and repairing any leaks, you will reduce water wastage, not only in cost but saving a natural resource.

Fountain Damage

Water leaks or poor maintenance of any water fountain will lead to long term damage. Build ups of calcium and other chemical deposits, especially in hard water areas, can damage mechanisms and pipes. If you are unsure, have an inspection by LeakDtech.

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