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Large stylish apartments are popular in Dubai whether singular, or in a block with others. Locating a water leak, particularly when there is more than one apartment, can be time consuming. Pipes may leak from one apartment to the next and each apartment will house their own water based utilities and equipment. Identifying the source of the problem will be no easy task.


LeakDtech Dubai has helped many apartment owners by using new advanced technology to scan the interiors and exteriors of single apartments or apartment blocks, which will indicate the source of any water leak.

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Damp and Mold

If damp patches or areas of mold are identified, this is a prime indicator of water leaking in the surrounding area. Using a thermal imaging scan the location of any leak or problem can be swiftly identified.

Bad Smells and Odours

A foul smell or odour experienced in one apartment within a building can indicate that somewhere close by, water is leaking. Infrared scanning of the floors, walls and ceiling recesses can be carried out to locate the source of the leak.

Proactive Approach

Water leaks in apartment blocks can go unnoticed for many months causing immeasurable amounts of damage and expense. Monitoring the complex pipework system is a huge task so take a proactive approach and arrange for regular scanned inspections to identify a problem early.

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