TP Relief Valves Leakage of Water Heater


A regular type of leak within a water heater or boiler is where water from a higher pressure building source causes the recurrent TP valve to leak. The TP valve is responsible for keeping the pressure and temperature within the tank at the appropriate levels.
A water heater, if faulty, could actually explode and blast through a building like a rocket. The TP valves can become weak due to age or leak due to wear and tear, but there is also the surrounding pipework to be maintained.


If you are concerned that your water heater is leaking, arrange for a complete leak detection scan by LeakDtech Dubai to ensure peace of mind or locate the problem fast.

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Heater Flexi Water Pipes

It is important to ensure that the pipes supplying the water heater are in good working condition. If you suspect a leak or see visible water escape arrange for an inspection by LeakDtech Dubai using the latest technology to locate the problem.

TP Relief Valve

It could be difficult to ascertain whether a problem in the water heater is due to the TP relief valve or a damaged heater coil so if you need confirmation arrange for an inspection by LeakDtech Dubai to ensure that your heater won’t explode.

Heater Water Valves and Mains Supply

With heaters being replaced, heater water valves and mainline integrity can be over looked where leakage is concerned. Depending on your location in the world, the water supply may be high or low level supplied, but if the valves are not checked these can leak due to corrosion.

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